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Operational Effectiveness



We work with businesses seeking to enhance their Operational Effectiveness. To achieve best-in-class in what they do.

Operational Excellence is not Strategy. Being Operationally Excellent is what every company should be continuously striving for. To be best-in-class in what they do.

Unfortunately, often when businesses are performing poorly the common default response is to revisit their “strategy”. To revise an outward focused case for change. The revised “strategy” being the elixir for arresting the declining performance. Rather than first ensuring that what they are currently doing is being done right – and at all levels within the business.

Our Persea Analysis and Design process (Persea A&D) is designed to assist our clients identify areas to achieve Operational Excellence – and design the case for change.

These engagements are on-site, active and brief (maximum six weeks in duration). At the outcome of our Persea A&D we will deliver a case for change. A practical roadmap to execute on and to achieve best-in-class.

We have multiple models for engagement in this regard. Be it on a simple fixed fee basis or on a risk/reward model against a defined benefits case.