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About Us


Persea provides


to investors, business owners and government agencies seeking opportunities to create and sustain long-term value in the food and agriculture sectors within sub-Saharan Africa.

We believe that Africa is set to experience significant economic growth over the next thirty years across multiple sectors.

One sector with significant growth potential is agriculture – across multiple asset classes with associated downstream opportunities.

We engage


at any stage of their investment ambitions or aspiration for change – be it during early stage idea generation, solving strategic and/or operational effectiveness challenges, mapping a route to success, project execution and beyond.

We offer


to assist our clients’ ambitions in realising long-term value and in making a significant difference to the communities they operate within. We offer a range of engagement options and structures to suit our client’s needs.

Founder and CEO of Persea

Craig McBain

With a career spanning 25 years, Craig has participated in and led change in a number of organisations across multiple industries. However, his passion for the agricultural sector coupled with his drive to harness opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa motivated him to set up Persea.

Prior to founding Persea, Craig headed up a vertically integrated multi-national agriculture business. With operations in South Africa and Europe, the business was involved in the production, sourcing, packing, value adding, distribution and marketing of a range of sub-tropical fresh produce. With supply partners in numerous origins in South America, Central America, Europe and Africa, Craig not only developed deep insights into successful investment models for numerous high value crops, but was also exposed to the vast investment opportunities that sub-Saharan Africa provides for long-term investors.

Craig has also worked in private equity, as the CEO and co-investor in a platform build-up. His formative career years were spent as a process engineer  and then in management consulting. An engineer at heart, Craig is continuously researching how technology can enhance productivity across the multiple permanent crop asset classes – not just in “controlling the controllables” but also in “predicting the (apparent) uncontrollables”.

Craig welcomes discussions with investors (fund managers, institutions and family offices), business owners and government agencies seeking opportunities to create value in the food and agriculture sectors.

Craig has an M.S. in Bio/Chemical Engineering and a B.S. (Hons) in Biotechnology.

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